Previous versions are known as Citadel™, the SurgiCount360 software application provides a complete post-operative documentation solution, giving users an auditable, evidenced based outcome regarding their sponge counts and other surgical data. This information can be used for both internal purposes as well as addressing audits by various third parties, including Joint Commission and various state and federal level agencies.

Individual procedure reports created on the SurgiCounter™ can be automatically downloaded and aggregated into SurgiCount360. The information captured is customizable and includes both procedure specific information as well as aggregated data for a hospital, hospital system, IDN or other group of associated facilities. Procedure specific information includes the exact time each individual Safety-Sponge® was accounted for before and after being removed from the patient.

Additional procedure specific information can include:

  • Patient name or ID
  • Type of procedure being performed
  • Surgical staff for that procedure
  • Details of any staff changes that take place during that procedure (who left and who entered and at what time)
  • Individual Safety-Sponges intentionally left in the patient for wound packing purposes

Aggregated information can be used for a variety of purposes, including helping to drive usage compliance, ensuring proper usage and detailed sponge product usage information and can be quickly audited over any specific time period.