The Surgicounter™

The SurgiCounter is a small mobile computer and scanning device that provides a more accurate real-time count in the operating room. The SurgiCount Safety-Sponge® System utilizes barcoding, a simple and safe technology already used successfully throughout the healthcare industry for a variety of patient safety and other purposes.

The SurgiCounter displays the number of each type of Safety-Sponge that has been counted IN, the number that has been counted OUT, and the number LEFT or remaining sponges to be accounted for. Additionally, the SurgiCounter can tell surgical staff not just if a certain sponge or sponges of a certain type are missing; but, exactly which individual sponges have yet to be accounted for.


  • Small, mobile computer and scanner
  • Provides a real-time count of all individual Safety-Sponges
  • Displays the number of each Safety-Sponge counted IN, OUT and how many are LEFT
  • Attaches to IV pole for hands free use
  • Creates a detailed report for each procedure